Week 1 of 'Month of Practical Magic': Money Magic with Jan Litterist

October 3, 2018


When asked recently for a list of five books that had to do with The Energy of Money, the list came to me quickly because of the impression they made on me on my path to Money Energy work!  They are of various genres:  spirituality, energy, finance, time management, success, and values.  They were not chosen to lead me to Money Energy work; they were chosen because of where I was on the path to my work! 


There could be many more books on the list.  But I believe these have stayed with me over the years more than any others.  With the opportunity to share, I am going to take them in the order in which I read them.  That being said, please understand that I, like all of us, are never at the same point when reading books over the years.  Life steps in and gives us a perspective unique to that particular time period.  And each is unlike any other time period in our lives.


While THE ENERGY OF MONEY by Maria Nemeth was originally written in 1997, the year I began my financial planning career, I did not read it until sometime in the early 2000's.  I had already gone through the bursting of the tech bubble in 1999 and 2000 in the stock market.  I had been in the planning business for several years working with clients and learning that what the clients were looking for was not the same as what Wall Street firms were looking for which was great bottom line profit to please shareholders.  I began to really learn where I stood on that continuum, and THE ENERGY OF MONEY reinforced my own values.  This book had a profound effect, but it is not one I recommend often as it is much more work than most clients want.  I must say that it provided the foundation for where I am today with clients:  MAKE MONEY SIMPLE!


Christmas, 2009 was a turning point in my path to MONEY ENERGY work.  I had been working on "energy" through a nontraditional, nondenominational church in the Unity tradition (and there are many books that were read during that time that were part of my education in Unity teachings that continued to build the foundation for my current work).  I could do a whole other list of just those books! But several years before, I had read Don Miguel Ruiz' THE FOUR AGREEMENTS.  And I gave a copy of that to my oldest son as a Christmas present.  His Christmas present to me allowed me to have THE FIFTH AGREEMENT.  The cover states that it is "A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery".  This book incorporated THE FOUR AGREEMENTS with the Fifth Agreement.  To illuminate anyone who has not read either of the books:


1.  Be Impeccable With Your Word.

2.  Don't Take Anything Personally.

3.  Don't Make Assumptions.

4.  Always Do Your Best.

5.  Be Skeptical, But Learn to Listen.


The last came at a point where I had learned not to care what others thought about me or my actions; and that was not a bad thing.  In the author's words, "Don't believe yourself or anybody else.  Use the power of doubt to question everything you hear.  Is it 'really' the truth?  Listen to the intent behind words, and you will understand the real message."  This was the time where I had been working with Unity principles, and I became the patient of a fantastic medical intuitive, and had recently ended a 20+year relationship that came after my divorce and a separate 1 year relationship with someone who was not grounded in reality although he had been a valuable spiritual teacher during our time together.  It was also the time where I began to separate from my birth family in values and philosophy...  It was an appropriate time for THE FIVE AGREEMENTS.


In 2012, I had begun my company Empower Excellence, LLC, and I was beginning my book THE JOY OF POSITIVE M.E.  (MONEY ENERGY) Subtitled "The Relationship Between Money Energy & Joy in Your Life".  This book is planned for publication in March of 2019!  My foundation in financial principles, which began in the early 1990's, was complete, and I had left the financial industry.  It was time for Money Energy in its early phases.  The ironic thing was that EVOLUTIONARY ENLIGHTENMENT (A New Path to Spiritual Awakening) by Andrew Cohen was my book of choice at the time.  Even Deepak Chopra liked the book "Andrew Cohen made me believe that there has never been a better time to be enlightened."  (from the foreword of the book)... Yes, enlightenment was a major part of my journey working with MONEY ENERGY.


But also in 2012, Tama Kieves, the bestselling author of THIS TIME I DANCE, which was given to me in 2011 as I left the traditional financial industry, wrote INSPIRED & UNSTOPPABLE "Wildly Succeeding in Your Life's Work".  I preordered the book and read it nonstop in a 24-hour period!  I knew I was inspired, and I knew, as I know now, that I am unstoppable.  I had the dream of MONEY ENERGY work, and I was ready to take it to the next level.  As any entrepreneur knows, you can be wildly enthusiastic one day and wildly depressed the next.  Tama knew each of us needed to be moved on our own personal path and gave us a blueprint to follow!


Ironically, the hardest period of developing Empower Excellence, leaves no books that impressed me.  I am sure there were some, but these were the hard years of developing a client base and growing my business.  In 2017, I stepped off of my path and moved to a unique city.  From December of 2016 to January of 2018, I moved and, unrelated to the move as I understand now, I suffered a year of respiratory infections which left me voiceless and breathing in difficulty.  Once I did the work to understand the causative factors, I was back on track slowly developing Empower Excellence, LLC in a way that was truly unstoppable.  And the reading began again!  The reading began as I got my voice for Money Energy back!  And the book 5 DAY WEEKEND "FREEDOM TO MAKE YOUR LIFE AND WORK RICH WITH PURPOSE" by Nik Halik and Garrett B. Gunderson kicked me in the butt like no other book before.  It was like THE FIFTH AGREEMENT for finance, values, and life!  The subtitle says it all, and I only found the book because my longest-standing client of many years is ready for something more in her life...I will leave it at that.  


These books sit on my desk today and every day because they are my bibles of sorts.  5 DAY WEEKEND made me stop and realize how far I have come.  I am ready for so much:  for my book to be published, for my time as a public speaker to take off, and to be a special part of the Visionary Business world.  I am enlightened, I am inspired, I am unstoppable, I have integrity, I have values.  It is time for me to share Money Energy like beer before, and these books will always be part of that path!


You can check it out here:


Inspired and Unstoppable by Tama Kieves


Evolutionary Enlightenment by Andrew Cohen

The Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth


The Five Day Weekend by Nik Halik


The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz









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August 28, 2018

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