Welcome to October's Podcast Series: The Month of Practical Magic

October 1, 2018


Welcome to October! Not only is it the month of crew neck sweatshirts, pumpkin spice lattes and hayrides but it's Confetti's "Month of Practical Magic."


What is a 'Month of Practical Magic' you may ask?


Well, it's not only my way of paying homage to the 20th anniversary of one of my favorite movies Practical Magic   but my way of highlighting some pretty awesome women who are helping others finds the magic within themselves. We'll be hearing from a magician, a psychic medium, a sensual movement healer and more!


I've always been a fan of the mystical, magical, idea of sprinkling a little fairy dust and making things better. In our worst moments it's easy to wish more a magic pill, wand, fairy godmother to just radically change our lives. 


I'm about to ruin the surprise for you but magic isn't real. The snapping of the fingers, wiggling of the nose, waving the magic wand kind of trickery isn't real. You know what is real? The badass, intuitive, inner knowing, talented pieces of ourselves that help guide us to the happiest parts of life and through the hardest times of our lives. With each woman that I spoke with, it became more and more apparent that our biggest hurdle to overcome in life is to bury the negative self-talk and step into our full potential. It doesn't happen over night.


Magic is a practice.


Magic is choosing every day to find the strength in yourself to keep going and knowing that you're going to make a difference in your life by what you're doing. 


These women apart of this series are doing just that. 


They haven't held themselves back by circumstances or the judgement of others - they just live these authentic and magical lives. 


I'm so excited to share these next five interviews so stay tuned! 



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August 28, 2018

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