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August 28, 2018

There is so much celebrating going on between birthdays (both mine and my dog Wally's), vacation planning, starting a business that I haven't made a lot of time to get back to the blog. But tonight as I dip my toe in entrepenurship, I wanted to write about something that has me all bajigity - competition. 



Some of you may know from my previous articles that my husband and I are starting a food truck. It's become so much more than I thought it'd be when we first thought of this idea buzzed off wine. It's been paperwork, turning our entire house into a taste testing lab, spending hours and hours on marketing plans. Not to mention, we've had set backs with our truck that is giving us an extended ETA of who knows when. 


Now I know why many people quit soon after they start. This shit is hard. And it's hard on top of normal life. 


Then last week we found out we weren't the only sheriffs in town and had some competition. They got into a few events that we hadn't and got a bit of press coverage. 


It felt like a snap turtle chomped down hard on our well inflated balloons. We spent so much time over the past few months planning our launch and testing and talking about it only to see someone beat us to market with a similar concept. 


A lot of thoughts came into my mind about how we were already behind and how could we possibly pull this off? I'm just an amateur baker and mediocre sales person so how can this work? 


My mind went where most of our minds go when we jump outside that comfort zone. Our ego kicks in and says: Uh-Uh honey, don't go chasing waterfalls - please stick to the rivers and lakes you're used to.


My ego is like bumper pads in the bowling lane so while it might keep me failing, it might also keep me from living.


But what if we don't fail? What if we succeed? What if there's no end game but just all the successes that come from a well-travelled journey. 


And that's just how I'm looking at it from now on. This is a ride that we're on. I want to be successful and I want to make people happy. But it feels uncomfortable and it feels like a big jump sometimes.


But then I remind myself that it's cookie dough, so it's really not that serious. :) 


Anyway this taught me two things about my business: 


1.) Never under estimate the 'other side' - ideas are like Big Magic, if they're good enough someone will want to put their own spin on it. We should be prepared for competition and use it as a motivator to keep getting better and being innovative


2.) They deserve to win just as much as we do - I believe that there is enough for everyone to go around. They don't have to lose in order for us to succeed because they are people putting out the same positive energy in sugar form. So we need to keep our eyes forward and focus on our own successes and wish them well in their own.


If you're facing similar challenges and feeling not good enough or feeling the competitive strain with a coworker, try to focus on the value that you bring to the table. You are special and important and unique. Let that be your #1 differentiator. 


Have a great week! 


Also, come see us on Thursday from 6-9 at Forest City Shuffleboard 



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August 28, 2018

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