Guest Post: There's No Safe Time in Pregnancy

August 24, 2018

I've had the pleasure of meeting Kate, owner and operator of Coca Crossfit in North Ridgeville, OH. I can't wait for everyone to hear her episode on The Confetti Filled Life podcast because she is a true example of grit and grace. Her determination has gotten through the early Crossfit Games, recovery through physical injuries but most importantly, through one of the hardest things in her life: losing her baby at 22 weeks into her pregnancy. She is strong and authentic to her core. I can't wait for you to hear her whole story but in the meantime, I want to share something she wrote about being afraid to share you're expecting for fear of miscarriage. I have friends affected by fertility issues and want all women to know they're not alone. Please follow her at Enjoy!


This is NOT a post that’s designed to be doom and gloom, but rather to put some light onto ‘waiting until its safe’ to announce your pregnancy.


One thing that I knew was a standard practice was waiting until you’ve reached the 12 week mark before you tell anyone you’re pregnant……why?  Because what if something happens and you miscarry?  (probability of miscarriage at 12 weeks drops to less than 5%)


I of course being facing my first pregnancy followed the rules and didn’t announce anything publicly until 12 weeks……fast forward 10 our 20 week scan and we measured as a perfect pregnancy in every way.  Minus being physically sick we were what every doctor dreamed of.  I was working out with no issues and life was good.  We couldn’t wait to meet our little girl.


Plus we were 1/2 way through the pregnancy and it was easy street…. right…..WRONG!!!


​At 22 weeks while shopping for nursery decorations i noticed that the amount of liquid pooling in my underwear was far too much.  After talking to the doctors we rushed to the ER to discover that my water had broken and the likely hood of our baby surviving was slim to none. And sadly 24 hours later we gave birth to our angel baby who was perfect in every way, just born too soon.



Fast forward 6 months and we found out we were pregnant again…. and did I say anything?  NOOOOOOOO!  because what if…. and guess what at 8 weeks we lost the pregnancy and because I hadn’t told anyone no one really had to go through it with me again.  AKA i suffered silently (minus family and a few close friends)

So when we found out we were pregnant the third time I had a very F-it feeling when it came to making sure I didnt say anything too soon.  Why?  So I could go through the pain of loss alone again?  NO WAY- so at 7 weeks I announced I was pregnant and at 37 weeks we welcomed our angel baby.


It is not the social norm, but I am all for announcing your pregnancy as early as you want because you know when you become a mom??  The instant you pee on that stick and it read positive.  From that moment on you’re changing your entire life and how you live your day to day for that child.


Celebrate EVERY DAY you have them be i 1 or forever.  Our children our our children be it in heaven or on earth.


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August 28, 2018

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