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July 28, 2018

Mid-July is finally when we Midwesterners can start to celebrate that summer is here to stay. At least for another month before we start complaining about the rain and the breeze and the fact that winter is coming. It's what we do...


Another summer right of passage is wedding season. It kicks off in high May and is in full effect until late Fall. Since the ripe ole age of 26, I've been invited to weddings year after year and have the privilege of celebrating the best people I know. 


In barns. In churches. In beautiful hotels. In forests. In vineyards. All over the country...


After planning my own wedding last year, I know how hard it is to architect a day that is both special and unique for all your friends and family. This is in addition to making yourself happy and not going into mass amounts of debt in the process. 


That's not what this blog post is about...


I love everything about weddings: the party, the emotional vows, the buttercream frosting, the dancing and last but not least: the open bar. One thing that I especially love is that it's a time for people to share kind words about the people they love AND it just doesn't happen enough. 


A reflection on my day was how ironic I thought it was that our parents and friends said aloud how proud they were of us. 


There are so many things I'm proud of in my life (i.e. graduating college in 4 years at a party school, surviving a gnarly bang grow out when I was 12, paying off my student loans, earning Presidents Club at work) - Ok, I swear I'm not bragging and I do have a point. 


My point is that there are lot of things I'm proud of outside of marrying a pretty awesome guy (which I think was the easiest thing and doesn't deserve much merit) but so much of the things we're most proud of go unrecognized until these big life milestones happen. These words go unsaid until the right time but why does there have to be a 'right time'?


They write teenage angst comedies about these kind of things. Boy waits to tell the girl of his dreams how much he loves her before they're whisked away to college to start 'real-life'. The best endings are the ones where they're honest and authentic and then Dream Girl realizes how much she appreciates their random act of verbal bravery and they ride off into the sunset only to break up after Freshman year. The last part I made up but full disclosure: I was a huge fan of Can't Hardly Wait growing up. 


Think on all the funerals or memorials you've been to in your life. People usually bake something into their eulogies like 'I wish I would've told him or I should've told Bob X,Y,Z before he was gone."


Well, why can't we? 


Why do we have to wait to say the good stuff until something big or even gut wrenching happens?  


Don't wait! 


Celebrate today! Appreciate the people around you. By fully appreciating them, praise the good things, give them the warm and fuzzies that they deserve. Eliminate the people from your life that don't serve you and keep your head up. 


If no one told you today or yesterday or even in the past month - I am proud of you simply for existing -  for reading this article - for supporting other women like me - for getting through the tough times and finding your strength in the meantime.


My hope is that you'll surround yourself by more people that reflect your inner greatness


and that you return the favor by sharing kind words of your own. 







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August 28, 2018

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