BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - We're Having A....

July 13, 2018



Ok, so we tricked you. You probably thought we were doing a gender reveal but the only reveal we're doing today is introducing you to Chip, our beautiful, beaming, white, Workhouse Truck!


So you might be asking: how'd this even happen? If so, you're not alone and we've gotten so many great questions so far. This happened because two people who love each other very much, drank a lot of libations, lost their minds and next thing you know a stork showed up with a food truck. 


In all reality, we wanted to do something fun together. Something that would marry Steve's mathematical and fiscally responsible mind with my equally irrational and creative mind. 


We wanted to do something that mattered in our community. One that allowed us to engage with the people in a city we love so much. 


This is a new venture that has us as equally scared as it does excited. We're spending not only our time but our savings on something that isn't a 'thing' in Cleveland yet. 


I talk a lot about taking risks and admiring people who jump right in. Those who start a new adventure and change their minds. So this is us - jumping off our own metaphorical cliff into the murky shores of Lake Erie to bring the fine people of Cleveland edible cookie dough! 


Not just spoon-licking-bottom-of-bowl-dough but creamy confections so good it'll make your taste buds beg for more. We'll have toppings, fancy sprinkles, fun flavors and all kinds of treats to satisfy even the sweetest of sweet tooths. We're so excited to share our journey with you as we become small business owners and leverage all our taste testers :) 


Look for more updates on our social media as we get closer to launching! I also hope to share more about our experiences in the blog. 







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August 28, 2018

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