Best Things I Learned from My Dad

June 17, 2018


Since I wrote an article about the Best Things I Learned From My Mom on Mother's Day, I thought I'd toss in an homage to the ole' Pops on Father's Day! 


Dad's are funny beings. Dads make Dad jokes. Dads lay down the law. Dads make sure you have oil in your car. Dads even risk their own lives to install multiple chandeliers in your house. Dads are a girls first introduction to what life is really like to live with a man: the toilet seat stays up, compromise watching reality tv for literally ANY kind of sporting event but most importantly feeling so loved and so supported. 


My Dad is that Dad

There are a lot of things I've learned from my Dad - some I've even shared in previous blogs about dusting yourself off and getting back to it so today I share a few more of life lessons from Dale: 


1.) Always make your bed

This might stem from his days in the Navy where tight sheets and perfect corners were key but he always made my sister and I make our beds. I heard this somewhere recently and I wish I could remember where but to paraphrase, someone said: make your bed, it's the first success in your day which leads to more daily achievements. The person I'm quoting said it way more eloquently but it's true! Make your bed and check off one good deed done for the day. You set the precedent for more gold stars when you kick your day off right. 


2.) Plant a Garden

My Dad is Mr. Greenthumb! He's had beautiful gardens and plants since I can remember. Growing up I thought it was so boring - why would he want to spend so much time in his garden? It's only now that I see a little similar magic in my own life. It takes time, it takes patience, it takes understanding to watch something grow from a seed to a beautiful flower. In that way he's always seen the forest through the trees and that nature is something to be respected. 


Full disclosure: someone told me that it's virtually impossible to kid a succulent and I killed mine in about 4 weeks so unfortunately this talent is not genetic. 


3.) Try

From fish sandwiches to t-ball - my Dad was the quintessential 'you won't know until you try' kind of guy. As I've learned through my own trials and tribulations -  trying something, anything is how you grow and how you learn most about yourself. So when faced with a new challenge or the time I was dared to eat a raw quail egg - I think WWDDD (what would Dale Dengler do)? Then I remember he'd never eat the quail egg and I find a new  opponent to tackle. 


I wish all fathers, father figures, step-dads, guardians and everyone in between a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! I hope everyone has someone in their life that is an example of a great person like my Dad. 


Without Dads we might never have seen the rise of the tuxedo t-shirt or be embarrassed by their love of weiner dog jokes or even learned to use a screw driver. So hats off to all the Dads for being you - may the good times roll and the dad jokes continue on. 




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August 28, 2018

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