5 Simple Practices to Find More Balance & Purpose

June 15, 2018



You may have listened to my most recent podcast with Aimee Jordan on her journey to being a Reiki master and holistic healer. If so, you may have heard her speak a bit about how women can incorporate simple practices into their daily routine to become more centered and balanced. 


Why is this important? Well, feeling balanced can help release anxieties and stressors in your life. Stress is not only hard on your mind but manifests throughout your body via headaches, sickness and other maladies.


Throughout our conversation Aimee shared that all physical ailments are just symptoms caused by negatives thoughts or unrecognized feelings of fear. Louise Hay has an amazing book called You Can Heal Your Life if you're interested in learning a bit more about that principle. 


To start healing your life, you have to actually start. Aimee shares her 5 easy practices you can incorporate into your own life to begin the journey of finding your own purpose and living your best life. Here goes: 


1.) Slow down

Life moves so fast. Stores are open 24 hours. Restaurants have drive throughs. We measure metrics on how we can optimize every minute of our day for more productivity. SLOW IT DOWN. 


Take a few minutes to acknowledge what's going on. Live in the present. When you're eating an amazing meal, think about the taste and how much good energy went into making that food. Even incorporating 5 minutes of meditation into your daily life can be helpful. Don't worry if you can't shut off your brain at first - focus more on your breathing and it'll get easier. 


2.) Find Yourself in Nature

I'm so guilty of this working from home but being more in sync with nature will help you feel more connected to universal energy. By being surrounded by things that are in fact, alive - you will feed off the energy and feel more alive. 


This does not have to mean that you should go on a 10-mile hike up a mountain. Baby steps, amigos. 


Take a 10 minutes walk in the park. Walk the dog. Plant more flowers in your garden. Check out your local botanical garden. Watch the moon from your patio. 


3.) Feel to Heal

This one reminds me of an Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode where Dennis and Dee make a vision board and in the end they're like 'what the hell - it's not coming true'. This is what my husband made me watch after he saw me making my 5th vision board...


Anyway, I bring that up because seeing something is not enough. It's visualizing the things that you want AND feeling the way you would feel once you attract these great things into your life. If you relate this to wanting more money, you should definitely add more stacks of cash to your vision board but you should also sit with the feelings of what you would do when you have all that cash. Will you feel happy and healthy and travel and excited? That is the real magic of manifestation.  If the thought of money stresses you out because you only think about the fact that you don't have it and want more - then you're unable to 'feel the heel.' Rewrite this story in your mind to focus on the positive thoughts surrounding getting what you want. 


4.) Spend 30Minutes a Day Just for You

This relates back to #1 which is SLOW THE EFF DOWN. Our schedules are so dictated by our jobs, our bosses, our kids, our dogs, our spouses, etc. 


It's so important and my mantra for self care that I deserve to treat myself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Spend 30 minutes doing something, anything that makes you happy. 


Dance. Sing. Write. Go Bowling. Bake a Cupcake. Then Eat the Cupcake. Read a Book. Listen to a Podcast (Confetti Filled Life is cool - you should check it out). Run a Mile. Take a Nap. Take a Bath. Snuggle a Puppy (hopefully your or that will be a weird 30 minutes). Read a Blog. Buy a New Dancing Dress. Play the Guitar. Play the Recorder. Call a Friend. Meditate. Do Nothing. 


JUST DO IT. I had to schedule 30 minutes every single day on my calendar for an entire year just to get used to doing this. You deserve it so don't let your schedule run you - run it. Even if it's for only 30 minutes. 


5.) Clean Clutter

This is so key and why we consider hoarders to have mental disorders instead of calling them 'master collectors'. Why? Well, because when we can't let go or when we become too attached to anything - we're essentially saying that these 'things' are more important that ourselves. We put our 'things' on a pedestal instead of our own internal happiness. 


If it no longer serves you - TOSS IT OUT. It can be anything from old t-shirts to a  booty call partner. Kick them to the curb or donate to the local shelter (the shirts, not the boy toy). Make room in your life to accept great things. By making space in your space you're telling the universe that you're ready for new challenges and experiences.


If you have any questions about how to continue your journey of self-care and life purpose, you can contact Aimee directly at https://www.earthangelsholistic.com or follow her on Instagram at @4light.

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August 28, 2018

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