CFL Podcast 02: Make Your Life Magical with Rev. Aimee Jordan

June 13, 2018



One of my favorite things about writing this blog and producing this podcast is that I can be more open about my own experiences and hopefully engage my readers on sharing their own experiences. 


Somewhere almost 5 years ago I woke up hung over one Sunday and feeling guilty about the vodka intake and my 2AM Taco Bell run, I thought 'what the hell am I doing? Is life supposed to be a merry-go-round of Groundhogs day where we punch in, punch out - rinse and repeat?' 


So in my 25 year old existential crisis I started searching for more ways to help me uncover really what is my life's purpose. My 29 year old self still has no idea but I've been having a hell of a lotta fun trying to find out. I've travelled. I've done yoga. I've had great professional experiences. I've said yes to practically every girls trip, business meeting, bachelorette party and everything in between...even when I didn't think I had the money. 


I also started seeing a spiritual life coach. 


Meet Aimee Jordan, guest on today's podcast who's a life coach, Yoda, Sensei and all around bad ass mama jamma who's dedicated her life to helping people love themselves and follow their life's path. 


Aimee has been practicing her craft for over 20 years and has studied things from energy flow to shamanistic practices to Reiki and being an empath medium. 


Throughout our interview she shares her story of finding her purpose of serving her community while also helping her own mother fulfill her dream of owning a tea room. 


She gives insight to how holistic practices such as reiki may help rid your body of things as simple as headaches to eliminating anxiety and stressors from your life. 


She's helped me understand more about the connection of the mind and body and how critical it is to put your health first above all else. If something doesn't make you feel good - redirect your energy into something positive. 


Tune into hear more from Aimee and how you can practice 5 easy tips to add more purpose and balance into your own life. 


You can contact Aimee for holistic services such as reiki or massage as well as psychic medium or angel card readings here: or follow her on Instagram at

@4light. Her magical techniques and intuition have become the norm in my self-care practice and I'd recommend it to all of you!


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August 28, 2018

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