CFL Podcast 01: From 9-5 to World Traveler with Hannah Elliot

June 6, 2018



When I got the idea for my podcast it was so easy to come up with a list of people I wanted to interview because turns out I have some amazing friends! One of them is Hannah Elliot. 


She was my first friend when I moved to Phoenix and I was always so drawn to her free-spirited nature and how she has always been her unapologetically quirky self. 


Since our desert days, Hannah has moved to Europe and now lives in a mountain town in the French Alps where she's always skiing the slopes in the winter and traveling around the world in the off season. 


Listen in on the whole episode to learn what are the go-to travel essentials, how to blend with the locals when traveling abroad and how to feel inspired to just buy the damn ticket. 


V: What got you bit by the travel bug: 


H: I worked for a study abroad company 6 years ago and realized I was sitting in a cubicle but these kids were eating the food and traveling all over and thought 'why not me'? So I thought it's now or never because I didn't want to waste my 'free' years sitting in a cubicle. 


V: It's really not about the things, have you learned to live with less?


H: Yes, we need more things but before we bought a house we didn't own a bed or a couch. Now that we do, I notice that we can fall into this habit of wanting nicer 'things' but I know that I've been extremely happy and had so much fun without those things and living with less.


V: What's your favorite place you've traveled to? 


H: Costa Rica or south East Asia


V: What are your go-to travel essentials? 


H: Towel, flip flops and anything with internet because it makes traveling so easy. 


V: What's the US food you miss the most? 


H: Hands down - Real Mexican - not like Taco Bell Mexican. I also miss the convenience because things aren't open 24/7 so it just takes more planning to do those things and takes getting used to since things are open all the time in the US.  


V: How has living abroad changed you? 


H: I think I have a high tolerance for ambiguity and you kind of have to because I don't always need to know what's going on. I've gotten used to going with the flow and figuring it out as a I go.



Tune into the Confetti Filled Life Podcast Episode 01 to learn more about Hannah's journey around the globe. You can follow more of her story on her blog at or on Instagram at @hannahtangielliot




Not only is Hannah a traveling  chick but she is also a Digital Marketing Consultant who designed my logo and helped inspire the graphics on the home site. Contact her today for: 




Social Media Strategy & Management

Content Marketing

Website & Blog Copywriting

SEO for Blogging

Branding & Logo Design or @hannahtangielliot on Instagram. You can also follow her own journey abroad and documenting living simply or simply living at




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August 28, 2018

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