Best Things I Ever Learned From My Mom

May 13, 2018


A couple weeks ago I was in Chicago for a client meeting and had the nicest conversation with my cab driver. His name was Kofi and he was from Kenya. In our 35 minute ride he shared that he never knew how much he loved his wife until he saw her give birth to their first child. He said it was an amazing thing to see her go through something so traumatic and then become this beautiful caretaker in a minute flat. He said, "everybody's got a mother but no one thanks them nearly as much." 

Before you think 'wow that's a lot of personal information to share on a cab ride...' let me tell you that I have a tattoo on my forehead that draws people to me and asks them to share their life stories. It's both a blessing and a curse...

This article is dedicated to my mom and the great life lessons she's taught me along the way: 


1.) Eye Shadow Doubles as Eye Liner

That's right folks. When you put water on eye shadow you can use it as eye liner. She is the only one to this day that I've ever met who did this and totally rocked it. She was the OG beauty hacker and shared her tips and tricks before YouTube channels even existed. 


2.) F-U-N is absolutely necessary 

This may be where I inherited my life commitment to fun and what drives me to continue making sure life is always a party!  When my sister and I were little she used to plan girls days and every Saturday we'd go get our nails painted or go see a movie or she'd surprise us with a last minute trip to Niagara Falls. To this day, I know the importance of saying 'yes' to girls weekends and spontaneous adventures because in those cracks are where the memories live.


3.) Never Go To Bed Mad 

She'd always say this when I was little and part of me thinks she did as a way to get us to apologize for whatever pre-teen angst we were exuding but she was right then and she's right now. In the long run holding on to resentment and anger only leads to pain and anxiety so let it go. Let it go as soon as possible. Apologize if it makes you feel better and accept someone else's apology when they mean it. Do whatever you need to do to feel good before your head hits that pillow. 

There are so many other amazing things that my mom did for me as I'm sure your mom did for you. She taught me to be strong and that it's ok to be the loudest person in the room. She taught me that you work hard for what you want and fight for what you believe. She sent me $50 when I only had $3 left in my bank account. She still brings me soup anytime I'm sick and I still call her asking how to hard boil eggs. So if you are fortunate enough to have a mother figure in your life - give her a hug today! 


Wishing you all a confetti filled Mother's Day to celebrate the joy and awesomeness of all the moms in our lives! 


Comment below to share what the best thing your Mom taught you! 


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August 28, 2018

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