Adult Friending For Weirdos 101

April 26, 2018

Do you remember being five and you played in the sandbox and you looked at the kid next to you probably eating a booger and just knew you'd be friends? Or when you were in college and you walked over to the next dorm room and you said 'hey, I'm Vicki. I live down the hall. I'm from Cleveland. Wanna go drink Four Lokos tonight'?


It was so easy. Life created this nice little security blanket called youth where they institutionalized friendships. You found your little nook at different stages in your life and made friends with the people around you. These people all shared the same life experiences and you bonded over those kind of commonalities. 


Then you wake up at 29, show up at a networking event and realize there is no sandbox, no Four Loko (thank God) and you don't know how to make a friend. You suddenly wish you would've swiped left on this whole encounter. You're trying to think of something to bond over but all that's coming to mind is the latest season of Westworld and the topic du jour is the economy. (Cue voice distortion)....NOOOOOO....


I think my biggest realization with adult friending (especially being someone who works from home) is that it takes effort. You need to 'want' to meet new people and put yourself in situations that don't feel natural with people who aren't necessarily in the same life milestone as you. 


This year I want to challenge myself to make new friends and expand my tribe. So far I've joined a few committees and am working to become more active with my local blogger groups. I do catch myself sounding a little weird when asking for a number or an Instagram handle so that I can connect with my new friends but I feel most natural when I just address my creepiness head on. If I feel this way other people must feel the same. We're all connected because we're all a little weird! 


Has anyone else found themselves in similar situations? If so, share in the comment box below! Also, I'd love to hear how you're making new adult friends! 



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August 28, 2018

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