Puppy Training 101 for People

April 6, 2018

The secret is out with the title: 1.) I love alliteration 2.) I LOVE puppies. 


My husband and I are contemplating getting a brother for our pup because he's so awesome and deserves a furry BFF so they can wiggle their butts together.


It got me thinking about when we first got our dog, Wally. He's a boxer and so cute and so happy he makes my heart melt. Anywho - when he was a puppy he was a certifiable, squirrel chasing, nut job. So we decided  we were going to sign him up for Puppy Classes 101. 


We signed him up and had these visions of grandeur that once he had completed it - Wally would be wearing his graduation cap, turning his tassle with his brindled paw as we gazed at him like the emoji face with beaming heart eyes. He could lay down, stand up, roll over, back flip, front flip and would know that eating crown molding wasn't a nice thing to do to his owners. 


I don't mean to shock you but after 8 weeks NONE of that happened. He still wouldn't sit for an extended period of time, he never got the hang of laying down and we're still replacing blinds that he ripped down. 


So why am I sharing this with you? Because we realized that Puppy Training 101 has literally NOTHING to do with puppies. 


Puppy training is actually "people" training. It trained us to learn a new way of life and adapt our lifestyle with a new family member. It taught us skills and methods for a healthy relationship with Wally.


Ok, so you might be thinking - how is this even relating to a self-empowerment blog...stay with me I promise I'm getting there...


We had expectations that we would take Walt to the class and he'd love it so much and absorb all his new tricks that he'd be a completely different dog. We didn't realize that 'we' were the secret sauce to making him be a better dog.


We realized we'd need to change our routine and step outside our comfort zone if he was going to be a great pet. He'd need to be walked everyday. He'd need a better eating schedule. We'd need to practice all his tricks for 30 minutes a day. We'd have to teach him to walk beside us instead of in front. etc. etc. etc. 


If the puppy is a metaphor for our life, then in order to have the AirBud version of our lives we have to put in the effort. We have to evolve and change. We really hold the key to living the best version of our lives but we need to try.  It's not always super easy and we have to trick ourselves with treats just to get out of bed but that's life! 






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August 28, 2018

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