April 3rd: Celebrate World Party Day with the 10 Confetti Commandments

April 3, 2018


I've wanted to write these for a while now and finally have enough hutzpah to do it. These are not rules. These are not fool-proof. These are suggestions on how to live yourself as though it's the best damn party you've ever been to.  


1.) Thou Shall RSVP to Her Own Party: Half of life is just showing up. Send in your RSVP and be the Guest of Honor. Celebrate yourself and be grateful for the invite. Get out on the dance floor and be your true, awesome self! 


2.) Thou Shall Wear Lipstick: Or a rainbow romper. Or 6 inch stilettos. This rule is more applicable to doing something to treat yourself. Love the way you feel whatever you're wearing!


3.) Thou Shall Monitor the Velvet Rope: This is KEY. Do NOT let anyone behind the velvet rope that don't deserve to be on your guest list. There is a place for negativity and judgey-ness and it's outside. Bye, Felicia. 


4.) Thou Shall Party Like It's The Only Party You'll Ever Be Invited To: As the wise Drake once said 'YOLO'. Do 'all the things'. Do them because they're fun and make you feel good. 


5.) Thou Shall Invest in the Fun, Not the Things: Having things is totally great but the truth is that it wears off. Invest in travel. Invest in experiences. 


6.) Thou Shall Share Their Presents: What is life if we aren't sharing our gifts with the world? Whether it's time or money or our talents - don't keep it all too yourself. 


7.) Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Shindig: I've talked about this before but if we always compare our party to our neighbor's party we might always be wishing our party was better. We might lose sight of our great our hootin' nanny really is. 


8.) Thou Shall Create: This is really important. You should always be creating something new in yourself and / or believing that you can. You have the power to create your reality simply by changing your mind about yourself. If you don't like your current situation, create a new one.


9.) Thou Shall Love: Love like real love. Don't play games or hold back because you owe it to yourself to be loved unconditionally and do the same in return. 


10.) Thou Shall Be Present, NOT Perfect: You have already RSVP'd - now stay in the moment no matter how unperfected it really is. 



Get out there, girl and have a blast! 




What's one rule you live by to enjoy more of your life? Comment below ;) 



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August 28, 2018

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