4 Podcasts for the Heart, Soul & Badass Babes

March 12, 2018

I'm really making it a goal to post more content more frequently so I wanted to share some great resources to feeling awesome and learning from other great women all around the world. It's also Women's History Month so almost all the podcasts I'm mentioning are run by female badasses in their own right. I listen to these while I work, when I take my dog on walks, doing laundry, whatever! So tune in, turn off the BS and give your ears a sensory snack! 


1.) How I Built This by NPR: this one propelled my listener-ship to podcasts and opened up this new world for me. Entrepreneurs from all around the world are sharing their stories and recording them for all to hear. Very cool! All the episodes are amazing but these are my favs:

  • Episode 1: Sara Blakely - the opener of it all shares how she went from selling copy machines door to door to being an American Billionaire with a capital "B." She hasn't taken any outside money and continues to run her successful empire in the same scrappy and hardworking way she did in the beginning.

    • My favorite part is how she got a Nordstrom buyer to actually take her seriously

  • Episode 8: Jane Wurwand of Dermalogioca - she had similar humble beginnings to Sara Blakely but she and her husband knew what they did better than anyone else which boils down to educating the market on skincare and now run a multi million dollar business.

    • My favorite part: this wasn't so much as part but something that stuck with me. Her mother said 'you'll always be ok as long as you have a skill' and Jane knew even if she failed that she could always go back to being an estatician. I personally worry about the larger goals but try to remind myself that I can be lounge singer, a Walmart greeter, a damn good bartender if I needed to!

  • Others that are equally awesome: Herb Kelleher from Southwest Airlines, Alli Webb from DryBar, 5-hour Energy founder, weWork, Whitney Wolfe from Bumble and more!

2.) Girlboss Radio with Sofia Amorouso: Bottom line - I want Sofia to be my best friend! She is cool, smart, survived a bankruptcy and is building a media empire that is both female and awesome! After you listen, I'm sure you'll have lots of Girlboss moments to share, too!

  • Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, head of WME's Worldwide Books: This women has published amazing authors, traveled around the world, in Oprah's inner posse and she claims that her biggest achievement is just living her truth and sharing it with all women. Ummm...so cool but what about being on a yacht with Oprah?

  • Gabrielle Bernstein: Gabby is my girl and bringing mindfullness to millenials! She went from a cocaine addict to teaching thousands of women how to turn off their sabotaging internal rhetoric and live amazing, fear-free lives!

3.) WSJ's Secrets of Wealthy Women: I just started listening to this but so far I've listened to Barbara Corcoran, my favorite shark of them all. Babs is a no-nonsense babe who tells it like it is and shares humility along the way on her path to being a Billionaire! 

Best part: I'll let you listen to hear her story but her advice is fail big and fail often because that's the only way to success. 


4.) Oprah's Super Soul Conversations: these may not be for everyone and deal a lot with spirituality but I'm a firm believer that the only way to discover our truest purpose is believing in something bigger than ourselves...whatever that looks like to you. 

  • Paulo Cohelo (part 1 & 2): You guys - this story is incredible! He is the author of the Alchemist and other successful novels. The way he talks about his experience is something like you'd imagine in a dream of meeting a super old guy in a idyllic wooded area and he asks you for tea and right before he's about to tell you the secret of life - your alarm clock goes off! Only, this is an hour long chat you can listen to filled with life's secrets with the Queen herself! 

  • Favorite part:He worked a bunch of odd jobs until he had a spiritual awakening at 38 and credits divine inspiration to him writing The Pilgrimage and The Alchemist. The Alchemist sold 1 copy and his publisher dropped him. It would go on to sell millions over the last 25 years! 

  • Other great ones include: Tony Robbins, Gretchin Rubin, Sheryl Sandberg (duh), Shawn Achor, Elizabeth Gilbert,and more! 

Happy listening Confetti Fam!! 


Are you listening to anything great you'd like to share?? Check out the comment section below! 

PS - still trying to get comments set up for mobile viewers :) 



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August 28, 2018

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