Self-Care Sunday Part Deux

March 12, 2018

Happy Sunday everyone and happy daylight savings! YAY for more sunlight - NAY for almost sleeping through my breakfast date today because my stupid clock was wrong. I want to keep adding on to my running list of ways that practicing self-care can really help reset us back to a happiness neutral (or better).  


I've borrowed some verbiage from my earlier post "Let's Celebrate Self-Care:"


Self: noun, plural selves.a person or thing referred to with respect to complete individuality:one's own self.


Care: noun, the provision of what is needed for the well-being or protection of a person or thing Self-care literally means the protection of one's self. So let's lather on some spiritual SPF and blocks the rays of insecurity, self-doubt and negativity.


Here are some that are super easy that help me find my confetti chi: 


1.) Update That Background, Girl: I recently read a statistic that says we check our phones 2,100 times a day. WOAH!! That means we have 2,100 opportunities to fill our brains with some warm and fuzzies. Change your background to a picture of somewhere you'd like to visit or to a quote that inspires you! 


- if you need any help, Google that favorite quote or use a free App like Canva to make your own background! 


2.) Change Your Password to Something Awesome: Imagine the Bart Simpson opener where he writes something like: I Will Not Eat Poop a million times on a blackboard. Repetitions really help retrain our brain to shut out that gremlin in our subconscious and focus on the positive - like the phone background above as well as changing your passwords to something that makes you feel uplifted (i.e. IFeelAmazingToday18 or IAmHappy or iAmPerfectTheWayIAm). Try it and see if you notice anything!


3.) Massage: I am obsessed with massages and recommend anyone try them as well!  I schedule out my monthly 90-minute appointment and commit to being present when I'm there. Instead of filling my mind with making my grocery list or things I need to return to Target, I listen to the calm music, smell the aromatherapy and just enjoy the way my body feels. You guys, this is seriously the hardest part and it goes hand-in-hand with retraining our brain but practice really does make perfect. It's still not easy for me and I still work at it but it really helps realign my mind and body.


4.) Schedule 10 Minutes a Day for 'ME' Time: My brilliant life coach told me that the best way to make something a habit is to first make time for it. We say it all the time: "I'd love to workout, but I don't have time" or "I need to clean the kitchen but my time will be spent doing anything but that..." <-- (me, yesterday). We spend our time on what we value. So we should honor ourselves in the same way. When we say we don't have time - we're saying that we don't want to make time. BUT - time is literally all we have. Put 10 minutes in your calendar (Outlook, phone, personal planner) Monday through Friday and do with it whatever your boss lady heart desires!


- Ideas: write in your journal, work on the budget you keep saying you're going to do, research books you want to read, read my blog (shameless plug), watch an inspiring YouTube video, draw, do a puzzle, meditate, craft a doodlibop - Just do it because it makes you happy. 


Have a great day Confetti fam!! Share your favorite self care ritual in the comments section below! 




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August 28, 2018

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