"What's Your Favorite Hobby" and Other Questions I Hate...

January 18, 2018

Truth be told - I don't really hate anything...except anchovies because...well, everyone hates anchovies - but I seriously DISLIKE the word hobby. 


Most particularly I don't like it being used in a question of judgement during things like a date or a job interview or any written application. Why may you ask? Two reasons: 


1.) Everybody always lies with their response

2.) Because it's rigged to make people believe that if they don't have some kind of external hobby like 'horseback riding' or 'reading 19th century novels' or even playing a sport that they're somehow less interesting or lacking in some department. 


I've spoken many times about the pressures of society that fester and live inside our brains but I think we try to measure the worth of someone by their lack of extracurriculars. I'm guilty of this as well because I find myself feeling 'less than' when trying to decide how to make myself sound more compelling through response because I may not have a real hobby. I don't sew or play sports on a daily basis yet I sometimes feel like I should just to say I do.


What if your hobby at the moment is practicing kindness or learning to meditate or better managing finances? These things all take an incredible amount of dedication and focus yet, we wouldn't share this on a job application or at a networking event because they're personal to us.


These are all ramblings I'm trying to pluck together for a blog on self care and why I think the world, women in particular need more of it but wanted to proudly share that if you have ever felt uncomfortable or outcasted by your so-called lack of 'hobbies' - you're not alone and you most certainly are not devalued because the investment you make in yourself - whatever it is - is more important than any adult kickball league you could be a part of! 


A wise life coach once said to me, "the only purpose people have in life is to have fun - if you're not having fun then you're not living your truth." I share that because you may have fun doing a lot of different things in life and that IS your purpose - t


hat is your lifetime hobby! 


Go have some fun...



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August 28, 2018

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