F$CK New Years Resolutions

January 9, 2018



It happens every single year. I lie to myself on Jan 1st of every year. I dream up these resolutions like 'lose 50 lbs' or 'take more of an interest in politics' or 'learn to play guitar' or 'learn a new language'. Then another year passes and I'm left feeling unaccomplished and even less culturally inclined than the previous year. I reflect back on all the things I haven't done instead of those that I have. 


So this year I'm taking on an anti-resolution approach to resolutions or as I've coined a 'Fork It Resolution'. This of course doesn't mean I won't be setting goals for myself - as everyone that knows me knows I love check lists and gold stars more than anyone but I'm also trying the gentler approach to goal setting. 


I'm creating the kind of new year goal list that doesn't scream - "hey loser - you didn't hit your goal so you suck" but instead encourages actions towards something that makes me feel happy. As I mentioned in my previous post - we all could use a big spoonful of self-appreciation and be kinder to ourselves overall. 


So my goals have changed from "Read 12 new books this year' or 'lose 50 lbs' to 'read a book that inspires you and put health in front of weight'. I want to cinrinue to feel good about myself and celebrate the positive things that I do every year to live a better, fuller life. I urge everyone who may feel similar to setting unobtainable goals for themselves to take a step back and focus on only those things that make your happy! Revise that list and fill it with only the best. With hope, it'll lead to a better and more joyful new year for us all! 


I'm curious what everyone else has on their goal list for the new year! Share in the comments below! 

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August 28, 2018

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