What Happened When I Tried Rent the Runway

January 3, 2018

It's been a while since my last entry but this is one that I wanted to write for a while since lots of friends have asked about it. I recently tried Rent the Runway for the bajillion holiday parties I attended this year and lived to tell about it...


I'd like to preface this by saying no one has ever accused me of being a fashionista or a fashion trend setter. I still shop at Forever 21, people! But I have a closet full of one night stands which include the expensive but cheap looking sequined Vegas attire, the "2-sizes-too-small-I'll-wear-it-when-I-lose-10-lbs" outfits, dusty power suits I thought all women needed in my early 20s, etc, etc. 


My point is, that I have spent a small fortune on outfits I'll never wear again and knew full well at the check out counter that I'd never wear it again. I've heard Jenn Hyman, CEO of Rent the Runway, speak about the 'experience' market being a key driver in making their business successful. It really does make sense because I think I'd prefer the feeling of wearing something shiny and new versus owning sed items.


The tides are a turnin' because now we can rent key pieces or dresses that won't collect dust in our closets but still give us that same feeling of owning something new.


So how does it work:


1.) You pick your outfit and enter in your dress size

- They will send you 2 sizes of the same dress picked (1 is used as a back up)

- I rented twice in December and both selections we're $30- $35 each which includes insurance and dry cleaning

- The more expensive or designer the dress - the higher the rental fee

- You can also rent accessories like purses or jewelry but I'm a clutz and don't trust myself...


2.) The outfit ships to you on Thursday (or Monday depending on your selection)

- I did the 4 day rental but they do have 8-day and an unlimited option that I haven't tried

- The dresses arrived in a large and super functional garment bag

- The UPS guy dropped it on my back porch when it was monsooning outside and surprisingly when I picked it up a few hours later the dresses were dry...






























3.) Thank God for back-up sizes because some of the fits were a bit funky for my frame


4.) After you're turn as belle of the ball - you leave your glass slippers at the fete and pack up your branded RTR garment bag to drop off in the nearest UPS box. Seriously, so easy! 


Would I do this again? 


YES. ABSOLUTELY. I love the idea of trying new things and having access to a lot of different styles at affordable prices. It also prevents me from feeling sad when I look at my closet and remember how many sequins had to die for me to look that HAWT. 


As a plus sized woman, it's easy to feel intimidated by fashion especially when many stores don't cater to different body types. RTR has a great variety of plus size options and includes amazing plus brands for women of all shapes and sizes! 


Here are the examples of the dresses I rented: 



























You can try it too! Use my link and we'll both get $25 off our next orders: https://rtr.app.link/e/MCpTxf2ApJ 





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August 28, 2018

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