Confetti Filled and Child-less

November 28, 2017

Today I celebrate that I've been married for about 5 minutes to a great guy who's a great husband who will no doubt be a great dad....but not now. 




The holidays are a great time to be reminded of blessings in your life like friends and family. Apparently, it's also a time that your biological clock ticks louder than tock of Captain Hook's crocodile. Don't worry girls because from 18 to 28 it's more of a quiet whisper but when you hit 29, the whisper turns into a bullhorn mega speaker from Aunt Millie yelling at the Thanksgiving table about how you're not getting any younger. 


I'm 29 and I still call my mom about how to make hard boiled eggs. I sometimes ask if any 'adults' will be at the party although technically I am 'the' adult. I want to travel to Asia and have a random rendezvous with my husband where we just get up and go wherever the highway takes us. I want to start my own business and be a girl boss. 


I have friends that have similar thoughts and I have others that want to be moms sooner or are already amazing mothers. There is no right or wrong but I hope that people, women in general, will follow their own path instead of the expectations that others se for us. 


So no matter where you are in your life's path - starting your first real job or being single for the first time or traveling the world or married to a great partner or starting a beautiful family - toss that confetti, sister girl! Your life is one to celebrate! 


Grab the glitter because life is not a race and it's not comprised of milestones to check off your 'to-do' list. Although I may never feel ready - I want to feel right before I start a family. I read a quote when a I was younger in CosmoGirl magazine (yes, it was that long ago) but it always stuck with me and it said: happiness is not the destination but the way of travel. 


Today my happiness is spending time with the people I love and vacationing whenever I want to. Taking my dog for walks in the middle of the day. Trying new restaurants and playing shuffleboard on Wednesday nights. My next path may lead me to being someone's mother - hopefully I'll know how to boil an egg before then - but for the time being, I'm happy just being. 


You should be, too.





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August 28, 2018

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