Make a Bucket List, Baby!

October 26, 2017


This article focuses more on the list making than the act of 'kicking the bucket' because that would be sad and Confetti Files has a strict rule on focusing on the happy stuff.


I've listened to a lot of podcasts recently and one in particular that inspired me to write about my own bucket list. It's called When to Jump hosted by Mike Lewis and it's very much designed around the idea of what kind of life we would live if we weren't afraid. Unafraid of rejection or what people will think but just doing it - to do it. 


To me that's what a bucket list is. Unapologetically do it - whatever that IT is for you. 


Three years ago my then-manfriend (now husband) gave me a gift for my birthday. It was wrapped in a huge box and I thought it could be an accessory for the bike I'd been asking for. I slowly slid the scissors over the tape (massive amounts of tape may I add) and tore through all the old newspapers lining the box to find....a paint can and a scrapbook. No, sadly I'd have to acquiesce my own Schwinn beach cruiser but what he gave me was actually so much more. 


The scrapbook was full of ticket stubs and pictures from all the fun things we had done together over the past year. It followed a very specific list taken from The Cleveland Scene magazine about the 100 things every Clevelander should do in the city. Feel free to take a look here: 

















Since then we've accomplished 78 out the 100 things on the Cleveland Bucket List. We've done some really cool things like go to an NBA finals game, wine tasted in Geneva to checking out some amazing restaurants! We've done some things that have definitely taken us out of our comfort zone like attending an art gallery opening and being the only people to show up in jeans to watching a strange kind of rock and roll evangelism at the Glen Schwartz concert. 


It became our 'thing'. The one that people still ask us about. Although I haven't loved everything that we've done - I'm proud that we make an effort to try new things together. I look forward to knocking off the rest of the 22 and trying new things within our city and around the world. 


I made my own list long ago with random tidbits and will share a few:

- Going to India

- Write a book

- Learn to play guitar

- Make macarons

- Learn Italian and drink my way through Tuscany


I encourage anyone who's reading to make your own bucket list because it is your human given right to make life fun! Try new things. Explore. Be different. 


Share whats on your list of things to do in the comment box below! 





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August 28, 2018

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