2018: A Year of Sweeping the Confetti

December 31, 2018

Last year I did something my husband, friends and even strangers still bring up to me...


I perused the dollar aisle at Target and bought a bunch of $1 poppers. They were teeny pieces of paper foil in colors of gold and silver and white. They were pinterest worthy for sure and such a bargain. It would've been stupid to let them just live on that sad, cold shelf. 


Almost a year ago when the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve we popped these poppers all for a solid boomerang video. It was glittery and beautiful and the new year optimism floated all around....for about 30 seconds. 


Then after we realized the boomerang was shotty at best, I saw glitter mist all over our house covering the floor, the walls, the carpet - EVERYWHERE.  We swept as much as we could while our friends looked on...some in horror. It was a scene that has now become a laughable threat we pose on every party host we talk to. Now it goes something like "we'll bring the cheese tray...and the $1 Target poppers..." in which the next person looks on in fear that they may actually be on the receiving end of glitter mist. 


Flash forward to today December 31th - a whole year later -  and my husband was deep cleaning our laundry room where he swept up pieces of confetti, possibly the last remnants of our 2018 celebration...until we find more lurking in our floor boards or somewhere. 


And I wouldn't have changed one minute of that night. Just like I wouldn't change one thing about this past year. We've spent the past year just as we spent December 31st, 2017: surrounded by friends, making good decisions (being around great people) and not-so-great decisions (confetti). 


I celebrated one year of marriage and went through a big identity shift when I changed my last name. I learned that the love stuff is easy but marriage takes work. I started a business. I spent my life savings. I learned a lot. I met a lot of people. I've almost burned down our kitchen making marshmallow. I lost weight. I gained weight. I cried...a lot. I laughed...more than I cried. I've felt like a failure more times than I can count. I've gotten so close to paying off my student loans. I've celebrated my best friends getting engaged, some becoming mothers and some becoming home owners. 


Throughout this whole year I've seen more than ever that confetti goes up and it must come down. And when it does come down you'll need some strong will and a clean up crew. 


But toss it anyway...


My wish for you is that you have a magical 2019! 


I hope it's full of confetti when it's going up and when it's going down. I hope you laugh and love. Learn who you are. Be proud of your successes and don't dwell on your failures. Laugh 10x's more than you cry. Don't let the tears blind you from the path you were meant to be on. I hope you feel the love and support of the people around you. If you don't, be strong enough to leave those that don't serve you. Challenge yourself. Embrace change. Believe you are ever deserving because you are! Make your happiness your priority in 2019 and celebration will follow. 


I wish you a very happy new year and am making it my goal to write more and share more about this journey with you. 


See you in 2019! 



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August 28, 2018

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